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Sesam software - strength assessment of offshore structures
Software for offshore and maritime engineering

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We offer a complete toolkit of software to assess risks associated with the design and operation of offshore and maritime structures subject to environmental and accidental loads that may occur during the asset life-cycle.

Offshore structural engineering

Sesam is a world renowned offshore structural engineering software tool for strength assessment of fixed and floating structures, including mooring and riser systems, and pipelines. It gives you the optimal basis for critical engineering decisions during the entire lifecycle of your asset, be it a topside, jacket, jack-up, FPSO, semi-submersible, TLP, spar, pipeline, or offshore wind turbine structure.

The benefits:

  • Fast, robust and easy to use
  • Market-driven development
  • Complete solutions cover all stages of the design and operational lifecycle
  • Wide area of use: subsea, fixed, floating, offshore wind, manufacturing
  • Smart re-use of old data

Sesam for offhore design and enginerig
Sesam software for strength assessment of offshore structures

Sesam - Innovative offshore engineering made easy

Sesam's software toolkit, based on FEM, supports design optimization and strength assessment during an asset’s entire lifecycle, including initial and detail design, structural re-analysis, optimization of operations, modifications, emergency response, repair, life extension and decommissioning.

Sesam has been developed as a market-driven modular system, enabling you to invest in selected modules or integrated packages, depending on your specific needs.

Sesam modules, and module-extensions, cover analysis needs for structural modelling, environmental load calculation, strength assessment, and results evaluation to Codes of Practice covering Ultimate, Fatigue and Accidental Limit State Design.

Strength assessment of offshore structures - Sesam software

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