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Sesam GeniE software for fixed offshore structures
Software for design of fixed structures

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Software for design and analysis of fixed offshore structures

Offshore structural engineering of fixed structures is characterized by frequent changes in the design process, including environmental conditions, loading conditions or structural layout. A major challenge for any engineer is to quickly document compliance with code check regulations, prove the fatigue life and create reports. The ability to quickly do design iterations, including instantaneous report production and graphics, must be supported. Our developers have focused on enabling this for users of Sesam software, saving engineering costs and increasing efficiency.

The operational phase covers many years of service and often includes changes in payload, increased environmental loads and the gradual deterioration of the structure. Sesam is built on the principles of using one common data model, where changes are easily added and new analysis can be carried out. Many of our users have reanalysis systems in place, where they see the effect of such changes, including changes due to accidents. During the entire operational phase, the data model may be the same as used for the initial design, or it may be imported from other non-Sesam systems. After import, the data can be visualized graphically for easy understanding of the model.

During life extension it is often necessary to do a full requalification to comply with new regulations and document the new fatigue life. It may also be necessary to do advanced non-linear analysis. The same data model in Sesam may be used as the basis for all types of analysis.

Sesam for offshore and marine structural engineering
Offshore and marine structural engineering - Sesam for fixed structures

Offshore and marine structural engineering - Sesam for fixed structures

Sesam is a world renowned software tool for design and analysis of fixed structures, including those supporting offshore wind turbines (OWT). It gives you the optimal basis for critical engineering decisions during the entire lifecycle of your asset.

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