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Electricity and utility software
Technical asset management

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Technical asset management

Modern energy utilities face many challenges: ageing infrastructure, system reliability and increased regulatory commitments are among the most pressing. The latest technology helps manage, monitor, and maintain their complex and vital systems.

Focused business framework

In order for utilities to achieve business objectives and succeed, they need a focused business framework based on verified and current data, one that can quickly provide decision support required to manage risk, increase reliability or meet regulatory requirements.

CASCADE technical utility asset management software
Cascade for utility asset management and predictive maintenance

Cascade - Utility asset management and predictive maintenance

Cascade, from DNV GL, is the industry-leading enterprise system explicitly designed to help energy companies manage their most critical assets. Cascade, preventive maintenance software, provides actionable insight for maintenance prioritization, asset criticality, health or risk, and positions utilities to achieve significantly improved asset life and operational excellence.

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