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World Offshore Accident Database - Woad

World Offshore Accident Database - offshore accident data for diverse facility types

Gives you access to accident data for diverse offshore facility types

World Offshore Accident Database

Woad (World Offshore Accident Database) gives you access to accident data for diverse offshore facility types. It has been curated since 1975 by experts at DNV GL, providing accident causes, location, social and economic impacts, etc. that prove invaluable for a variety of risk management initiatives.

What you get

  • Access to the world’s most comprehensive available data source of its kind on offshore accidents 
  • Information on over 6000 accidents and incidents from 1970 to date 
  • Technical data on approximately 3700 offshore units
  • A tool that is used extensively by key players in the offshore industry worldwide, including rig owners, drilling operators, insurance companies, consultants, salvage companies and regulatory authorities

Continuously updated accident information

Knowledge of past accidents serves as important input to risk assessment initiatives and helps you ensure that known hazards are properly understood and effectively mitigated against.  Woad software has the world's most comprehensive accident data collection of its kind, with data sources going back to 1970. It contains a vast range of information covering the different aspects of an accident – technical, economic, social, operational etc.

Key benefits of Woad software

  • Ready and direct access to a rich repository of offshore accident data
  • The database is continuously updated with the latest information available from a range of sources
  • The program offers easy-to-use filtering, one-click reporting and export to Microsoft Word and Excel
  • The program is web-based (http://woad.dnv.com) which means it is readily accessible

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