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Voyage reporting and ship performance monitoring system - Navigator Insight

Navigator Insight - ship performance monitoring software

EU-MRV ready reporting solution ensuring data quality for unique fleet performance analysis

Monitor and analyse your fleet performance using the current ship-to-shore reporting processes

With Navigator Insight software you can report your voyage data starting from departure, begin (end) of sea passage, noon, stoppages, arrival. It includes fully integrated bunkering and ROB (remaining on board) management. Monitor your fleet performance with dedicated performance snapshots and manage cargo using your current ship-to-shore reporting processes while safeguarding the highest data quality. Navigator Insight has an onboard client for voyage data collection, voyage reports and a hosted onshore web solution.

Report your voyage data and be EU-MRV ready:

  • Use the core set of voyage reports from departure to arrival with all relevant and industry standard parameters from both nautical and technical officers
  • Include a fully integrated bunkering and ROB management to consume only what has been bunkered before
  • Improve data integrity and quality with more than 450 ship specific plausibility checks
  • Allow for an easy and fast fleetwide implementation

Enable performance monitoring

  • Easy onboard recording of not only voyage, but also operational and performance snapshot data - one data entry
  • Highest data quality and integrity assured by comprehensive inline plausibility checks
  • Preferred recording tool for DNV GL's ECO Insight for fleet performance analysis and industry benchmarking and supporting your energy management process laid out in your Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

Key benefits of Navigator Insight

  • Complies with the Monitoring-Reporting-Verification (MRV) according to the set of requirements of the EU Regulation
  • Conduct comprehensive plausibility checking and data quality/consistency assurance against ship-specific technical data
  • Onshore system collects data for the entire fleet in operational reports such as log abstracts and management reports, for example EEOI for fleets Reports: noon, departure and arrival, bunker, ballast water operations, disposals and many more
  • Allows comprehensive fleet performance monitoring with in-depth analysis capability
  • All information is structured for re-use in any type of analysis or reporting to stakeholders
  • Supports environmental reporting schemes such as CCWG, CSI and ESI
The data collected onboard in Navigator Insight can be presented in DNV GL’s performance management portal ECO Insight, which provides comprehensive performance dashboards, benchmarks and other industry data such as AIS data, fuel quality data or weather data. Combined, you have all the information for industry best practice performance management of your fleet.

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