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Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Trainer

Synergi Pipeline Simulator Trainer software for hydraulic modelling of pipeline design

Safe and efficient pipeline operator performance

Simulator for pipeline operators - Trainer

Trainer provides a realistic training solution that helps you train and maintain your staff to appropriate levels and also demonstrates competence in-line with HSE and legislative requirements. Trainer software is based on the transient simulation model in Synergi Pipeline Simulator with control room style graphics.

What you get

  • Multiple users/multiple scenarios
  • Interactive training
  • Safer, more efficient and productive operations
  • Operator qualification with full auditing capability
  • Full replication of SCADA GUI for realistic ‘flight simulator’ style training
  • Less training time, lower costs

Key benefits of Trainer software module

  • Ensures that your pipeline controllers are fully trained to recognize and respond effectively to emergency situations
  • Provides a safe environment to expose controllers to abnormal operating conditions
  • Analogous to flight simulator used to train airline pilots with realistic look and feel
  • Compliance with HSE and legislative requirements

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