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Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Leakfinder

Synergi Pipeline Simulator Leakfinder software for hydraulic modelling of pipeline design

Effective leak detection with industry-leading state estimation technology

Real-time leak detection, sizing and location - Leakfinder

Leakfinder builds on our industry-leading state estimation software technology, Statefinder. Leakfinder continually analyses the calculated pipeline state and searches for anomalies that suggest a leak. Using two concurrent leak detection techniques, Leakfinder provides truly effective leak detection and location.

What you get

  • Real-time leak detection with industry-leading state estimation technology
  • Fast and accurate, real-time detection, sizing and location
  • Best-in-class data handling minimizes false alarms due to erroneous input
  • Leak detection availability even with poor or missing telemetered data
  • Two concurrent leak detection techniques
  • Leakfinder currently protects more than 11,000 miles of pipelines worldwide

Key benefits of Leakfinder software module

  • Model-compensated volume balance method calculates time-averaged volume imbalances for each balance segment
  • Proprietary leak analysis method looks for tell-tale signature of leak on pressure profile
  • Unique to the industry, Leakfinder compensates for data uncertainties by removing error from SCADA system signals and addressing every known source of uncertainty. Input data is automatically adjusted to ensure it is hydraulically valid
  • Up-front leak sensitivity study will calculate Leakfinder expected performance on your pipeline, identifying cost-effective upgrades to enhance the performance – study can be completed before you decide to implement a leak detection system, or even before the pipeline is built
  • Minimizes false alarms by dynamically updating leak detection thresholds

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