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Synergi Life - Survey Manager software for supplier relationship management

Third party reporting and automated data collection made easy

Supplier relationship management

Do you have a complete risk picture of all your suppliers? Your company may be accountable for QHSE incidents caused by third parties. Survey Manager in the Synergi Life software solution brings efficiency to your third party reporting by standardizing and automating data collection while creating a common platform for communication and joint improvement initiatives.

Third party reporting

For many organizations responsible for risks carried by their suppliers, the complete risk picture is left unknown. Typically, various business units use Excel sheets, forms and simple databases with limited or no transparency in a greater context. Survey Manager builds trust and confidence in your third party relationships as a unified, language-independent tool to facilitate third party reporting and data collection.

Automated data collection

With Synergi Life’s Survey Manager interface product you will have a complete framework for survey distribution, processing and conversion into risk profiles. Results are shown in dashboards and reports, enabling follow-up processes that are simple to use.

Through a framework for the systematic collection of information from suppliers, contractors, vendors and other third parties, Survey Manager brings new and innovative working tools to the field.

Survey Manager software for supplier relationship management

  • Complete framework for supplier relationship management: distribution, processing and conversion of surveys and questionnaires into risk profiles
  • Seamless communication with third parties simplifies third party reporting
  • Survey results lead to automatic risk profiles
  • Centralized common dashboard in Synergi Life
  • Clear follow-up of actions and improvement plans
  • Surveys work on any device with a browser

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