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Ship surveyor training in virtual reality - ShipManager Survey Simulator

ShipManager Survey Simulator for ship surveyor training

Software for 3D simulation of vessel inspections for surveyor training

Survey Simulator

Our Survey Simulator software for 3D simulation of inspections revolutionizes the efficient development of competence for onboard crew and office staff. Different vessel types are available for virtual survey, with areas and spaces specific for each type, including cargo holds, tanks and decks. 

Ship surveyor training

  • Decades of experience of DNV GL surveyors incorporated in 3D simulation for realistic ship surveyor training
  • Highly realistic models of main ship types
  • Efficient and cost effective virtual training of surveyors, crew and others
  • Easy installation optimized to run on standard laptops
  • Also supports systems of advanced training centres with cutting-edge 3D projection, joystick control and sound effects

Ship inspection training

Surveyors build their competence over many years of ship inspections, and experience tells them where to focus attention – in the spots where deficiencies are most likely to occur. The best surveyors are in high demand and have limited time to spend training others. Survey Simulator brings the knowledge and experience of many surveyors together in one system that can be accessed for training anywhere and any time.

With Survey Simulator you can

  • Simulate a step-by-step ship inspection, including where to focus your attention, i.e. where hull structural deficiencies are likely to occur
  • Use a set of real life tools relevant for documentation and report inspection results 
  • Use photo-realistic textures placed on exceptionally detailed 3D models with thousands of real life deficiencies 
  • Simulate real time coating condition degradation 
  • Adjust survey conditions to increase inspection difficulty level 
  • Use built-in safety at work scenarios
  • Provide a tool for professionals who need to familiarize themselves with a vessel before boarding
  • Establish an interactive collaborative workspace for individuals working upon the same problem at a distance, meeting onboard the ship in shared virtual reality

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