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Shaft Fatigue - Nauticus Machinery

Nauticus Machinery Shaft Fatigue software

Shaft fatigue and lifecycle calculations of marine shafts

Shaft Fatigue

With the Nauticus Machinery Shaft Fatigue software you can dimension and evaluate marine shafting systems in addition to calculating load-carrying capacity.

Marine shaft software

  • Calculates allowable torsional vibration stress levels based on low cycle, high cycle and transient fatigue
  • Applicable for marine propulsion and auxiliary shafts onboard ships and marine applications
  • Calculates load-carrying capacity based on methods described in DNV’s Classification Note no. 41.4
  • Calculation method mainly based on DIN 743 Part 1-3: 2000-04 and VDEH 1983 – adapted to marine applications
  • Calculates ice class strength according to Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules and IACS Polar Ice Class Rules
  • Includes empirical formulas for calculation of stress concentration factors for all common “stress raisers” in marine shafts
  • For direct coupled propulsion systems, geared propulsion systems and generator sets

Key benefits of the Shaft Fatigue software module

  • Helps you avoid unnecessary shaft failure with advanced shaft fatigue software analysis
  • Efficient determination of load-carrying capacity for shafts
  • Calculates several critical sections of the shaft in one batch
  • Easy input of notch geometry by extensive use of relevant figures
  • Easy to do parameter studies for stress concentration factors
  • Uses simplified methods (less input) or detailed methods (more input)
  • Estimation of maximum torque load and blade failure load due to ice impacts
  • Accumulated shaft fatigue analysis due to ice impacts
  • Guidelines and default parameters supporting ice class calculations
  • The full report contains both main class and ice class results

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