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Nauticus Machinery Shaft Alignment software

Optimal shaft alignment and natural frequencies for whirling and axial vibrations

Shaft alignment

Shaft alignment has in recent years become more of a challenge due to increased power, lower shaft speeds and heavier propellers in combination with a shorter propulsion shaft. In Nauticus Machinery Shaft Alignment these effects can be carefully considered when designing an optimal shaft line in order to avoid problems in operation.

DNV GL Shaft alignment software

  • The Shaft alignment module in Nauticus Machinery is an advanced and flexible software tool for calculation of the optimal shaft alignment and natural frequencies for whirling and axial vibrations
  • Trouble-free and flexible modelling of the shaft line
  • Helps calculate bearing loads, moments and stresses for propeller shaft alignment on marine propulsion plants
  • Finds exact bearing positions based on verification methods such as jacking or strain gauge measurements
  • Can be used in the early design stage or in the operating stage to investigate possible damages due to error in alignment

Key benefits of the Shaft Alignment software

  • Simplifies your analysis process by integrating shaft alignment, whirling and axial vibration calculations into one common user interface and reporting tool
  • Efficient modelling by drag and drop or import files
  • Unlimited operating conditions can be calculated in one batch
  • Rich component menu providing relevant shaft alignment elements
  • Proven solution, mathematical algorithms have been in use since 1990 with continuous enhancements
  • Easy data exchange with common Microsoft Office applications or FEM/CAD-applications
  • Flexible report generator

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