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Responsible Supply Chain Process Certification

Responsible Supply Chain Process Certification  by DNV GL

Initially applied to the green coffee supply chain, it has become a model to be used for any kind of product line.

Let us help you demonstrate your company’s ability to create value over the long term and long supply chain. An ethical breach of a lower tier supplier can affect your brand and reputation.


Our Responsible Supply Chain Process standard model certifies a supply chain process and is tailored to your company’s own strategic decisions and core products. We will analyse your company product, processes and strategies, as well as the relations with stakeholders, to validate the congruence of your company’s stated goals with its business processes and management of supply relationships along the entire chain. 


Obtaining this verification leads to improvements in a company’s internal commitment and external demonstration to:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethical Business Practices & Behaviour
  • Involvement of stakeholders

Our approach also leads to a demonstration of awareness and effective management of all major risks associated with:

  • Environmental performance and pollution reduction
  • Product Quality & Consumer Issues
  • Product Safety 
  • Labor & Fair Operating Practices
  • Local Community Engagement 
  • Risks to human resources and human rights

Our approach

The standard has been developed as a model that can accommodate the nature of the raw materials, products and processes, as well as the organization culture and it’s business environment and context, a generic solution can rarely be applied, and protocol customization becomes a must.

The DNV GL Responsible Supply Chain Certification Standard facilitates a responsible organization in building shared Vision and value in a context where social development stimulates economic development, recognizing that a business grows in large part through its ability to help its partners and suppliers grow.

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