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Quality Management - Synergi Life

Synergi Life - quality management software

The Quality Management software module in Synergi Life helps you measure and manage performance, perform quality control, promote learning and growth and ensure constant improvement

Quality Management software

The Quality Management software module in Synergi Life and its interactive processes enable you to follow up on proactive initiatives, cost and losses related to operational deviations as well as nonconformities, customer comments and claims.

Quality assurance software, and more

  • Powerful, fully configurable and easy-to-use quality assurance software
  • Allows you to measure and manage performance
  • Quality control of operations, products, services, communication and public relations
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of suppliers and partners

With the Quality Management software module you can

  • Support a quality management system with QMS software
  • Follow up operational nonconformities, deviations, exemptions, customer complaints and customer claims
  • Evaluate quality performance in your organization’s processes
  • Identify dysfunctional guides and procedures and subsequently change processes
  • Secure compliance with adopted standards and legislation
  • Identify, document and track trends related to lack of quality
  • Register and follow up supply deviations

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