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Passage Planner is designed to assist the navigation officer in the passage planning process

Passage planning

The passage planning process is fully supported by the Passage Planner software module. It is designed to assist the navigation officer in the voyage planning process, including compliance with industry guidelines and international legislation. Passage Planner demonstrates compliance with current requirements to passage planning, e.g. by charterers, PSC inspection authorities and company policies.

Voyage planning software

  • Flexible, all-in-one software tool for passage planning
  • Built in IMO Resolution A.893(2), Guidelines for Voyage Planning, the ICS Bridge Procedures Guide and relevant international and national legislation
  • Guiding through planning process step by step, making sure no required items are left out
  • Sharing of voyage data throughout the fleet
  • Passage plan checklists

Passage Planner benefits

  • Easy reuse of data relating to waypoint descriptions, legs and voyages
  • Voyage planning of unlimited number of future voyages
  • User-friendly printout
  • Pre-calculation of fuel consumption
  • Easy insertion of new waypoints including import from ECDIS
  • Choice of rhumb line or great circle sailing between waypoints
  • ETA calculator and estimated time of passing future waypoints by entering actual speed between waypoints
  • UKC, air draft and SQUAT calculations depending on company requirements and variables such as list, hog, sag, tide and weather influence
  • Visual presentation of UKC and air draft values with comprehensve graphical print-outs

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