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Construction monitoring for wind and solar energy projects

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유연한 모니터링 서비스와 광범위한 전문성으로 고객님의 풍력 또는 태양열 프로젝트가 일정에 맞추어 예산 범위 내에서 구축되도록 해드립니다.

Proper monitoring of wind and solar farm construction is important to ensure building follows the prescribed documentation and to mitigate risk. However, reliable monitoring requires extensive in-depth engineering know-how and resources.

Built to your requirements
DNV GL's construction monitoring removes the burden from your shoulders. Offered as a standalone service or an integral part of our complete owner’s engineering capability, it helps ensure your project is built according to your requirements.

We bring the expertise to oversee the construction of your project, and can provide certificates to confirm contractors have met contract requirements at various stages of completion. Whether its wind turbines or PV modules, you can rely on us to handle everything from factory inspections, through construction and all the way to completion.

Our specialists understand the unique challenges of renewable energy construction projects. Following rigorous engineering disciplines, we monitor the construction process to international standards and industry best practice. We can identify potential issues ahead of time, helping to mitigate problems early in the process. Working closely with you, our flexible approach allows us to tailor our service to your individual project needs. 

Worldwide reputation
Our unique depth and breadth of specialist expertise – civil, electrical, power systems, met masts, and more – combines with flexible service delivery to meet your project and market needs. Having worked on numerous projects across the globe, we've built up an unrivalled worldwide reputation. So you can be completely confident that you have the very best set of eyes and ears to watch over your project.

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