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Synergi Electric Motorstart software module

Examine the effects of starting motors within your system


The Motorstart software module provides two dynamic analyses designed specifically to examine the effects of starting motors within your system. These analyses take advantage of a detailed motor model, including torque characteristics, fully considered by load-flow calculations.

What you get

  • A comprehensive view of all starting motors within your system
  • Ability to run multiple analyses on various configurations
  • Second-by-second data throughout the full starting cycles
  • Helps you reduce unwanted effects
  • Simple settings include basic start delay
  • Complex methods such as capacitor and autotransformer starting
  • Full consideration of factors such as substations, source impedances and detailed line models

With the Motorstart software module you can

  • Examine effects and find solutions right from Synergi Electric
  • Coordinate the starting sequence of multiple large motors
  • Evaluate the performance of an entire feeder under the stress of starting motors
  • Find the worst-case effects of starting motors anywhere in your system

View detailed charts for

  • Motor speed and torque vs. time
  • Motor terminal voltage and current draw vs. time
  • kW and kvar into service vs. time
  • Service drop vs. time

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