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Hydrodynamic and structural analysis - Sesam for floating structures

Floating structure design and modification with Sesam

Advanced finite element analysis of floating offshore structures made easy

Software for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and structural analysis

Sesam is the market leading software for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and strength analyses of ships and floating offshore structures. With Sesam we help naval architects and engineers efficiently produce high quality hydrodynamic analyses with automatic load transfer to give an accurate prediction of resulting deformations and stresses. It is also possible to do intact and damaged stability analysis in accordance with common Codes of Practice.

Sesam is used in design and analysis of all types of floating structures, including barges, ships and semi-submersibles, TLPs, FPSOs and spar buoys.

Radiation/diffraction software combined with FEM (finite element method)

  • One common concept model for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, global or local strength analysis
  • Intact and damaged stability calculations and Code checks
  • Hydrodynamic motion analysis in frequency domain
  • Inclusion of mooring and risers in calculation of motion characteristics. This can be done in a simplified way in HydroD. Comprehensive inclusion requires DeepC or Sima.
  • Calculation of short and long-term response statistics
  • Automatic transfer of wave pressure, line loads on beams and inertia forces to the structural finite element model
  • Static and dynamic structural analysis in frequency and time domains
  • Ultimate Limit State (ULS) Code checks for beams and stiffened plate/shell
  • Stochastic fatigue analysis of plates and shells
  • Fast, efficient remodelling and strength analysis of local sub-models for refined fatigue analysis

Full range of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses

From intact and damaged stability calculations (HydroD module), to linear (Wadam) or non-linear (Wasim) hydrodynamic analysis and post-processing (Postresp), Sesam provides a comprehensive set of software modules to meet the needs of naval architects and engineers.

Structural FEM analysis and assessment of results

The Sesam module Sestra is used to determine the static or dynamic structural response under the applied hydrodynamic and non-environmental loads.

Sesam's tools for post-processing provide fast evaluation of results, including yield and buckling checks of stiffened plates and shells (GeniE) together with calculation of fatigue damage (Stofat).

A global response analysis may be followed up by refined fatigue analysis of critical areas using Sesam's unique sub-modelling technique (Submod).

One common tool for all types of floating structures including those supporting offshore wind turbines (OWT)

Sesam's analysis technology, proven in the oil and offshore gas industry over the last 4-5 decades, is today being used in design and analysis of floating offshore wind turbine (OWT) support structures.

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