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Facility Data Management - Synergi Plant

Synergi Plant Facility Data Management

Support your integrity management data requirement from a flexible central database

Facility Data Management

With Synergi Plant software you can store all types of facilities and equipment in one database. Technical parameters include design, construction, operational data, and various business process data to support asset integrity management can be defined, layout, tracked, and reported in a flexible central database. Synergi Plant facility database has been used by customers in upstream and downstream process units, for onshore and offshore worldwide.

What you get with the facility data management software

  • Standard equipment and piping types with flexibility to add new types
  • Standard technical parameters for design, construction, and operation data forms with flexibility to define new forms and attributes
  • Multi-dimensional asset hierarchy and flexibility to define new hierarchies
  • Standard document, report, photo, sketch and drawing types can be attached to all levels of assets with flexibility to add new document types
  • Standard risk component definition according to different RBI methodologies
  • Standard measurement point structure, attributes and formula for calculation corrosion rate, remaining life, and other anomaly levels, with flexibility to define new attributes and formula
  • Standard design code and formula including ASME, ANSI, API, with flexibility to define new codes and formula
  • Facility-specific dynamic dashboard
  • Data loading sheets with data loading and exporting utilities
  • Standard functionalities for different assets

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