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Environmental risk assessment and sustainability management - Environmental Management - Synergi Life

Environmental risk assessment and sustainability management software supporting international environmental standards

Environmental risk assessment

Although the future direction of international environmental measures, sustainability principles and commitments are still very much a work in progress, businesses are setting higher internal standards each year. The Environmental Management software module for environmental risk assessment supports these internal standards as well as recognized protocols for reporting and consolidation of data, such as GRI, CDP and other local legislation.

Sustainability management software - Environmental Management module

  • Comprehensive software tool for environmental management
  • Full support for any environmental challenge, allowing you to record, track and manage your company’s impact
  • Ability to improve environmental risk assessment and environmental performance
  • Ability to plan, conduct and monitor progress of environmental and sustainability activities
  • Management of environmental impact assessments, life cycle assessments and environmental audits
  • Registering and tracking of environmental incidents, indicators and targets
  • Calculation and aggregation of continual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Key benefits of the Environmental Management software tool

  • Enables your company to become a leader in sustainability reporting and environmental resource management
  • Developed with best practice knowledge for companies responding to environmental challenges
  • Periodical results reports
  • Ability to align actual values with specific goals in a given time frame
  • Allows you to save cost on energy
  • Eliminates complications and extra work of aggregating spreadsheet data
  • Environmental Audits (ISO 14000 series)
  • Efficient system to support and strengthen internal and external environmental profile

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