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Dry-docking and ship repair - ShipManager Projects

ShipManager Projects - Dry-docking software and ship-repair software

Software system supporting dry-docking, ship repair and other technical projects


ShipManager Projects is a project management system that supports dry-docking and other technical projects such as retrofitting with planning, tendering and project management.

Ship repair, dry-dock project software

  • Project management and controlling during drydocking
  • Control of time, quality and costs
  • Progress reporting and controlling
  • Integrated processes between engineers and nautical staff onboard and in office
  • Easy collaboration with yards and suppliers

Software system for reducing maintenance costs

Dry-docking is the biggest maintenance cost for shipping companies. These projects, as well as comparable technical projects such as retrofitting, need to be supported by a professional project management system that is integrated with your other technical management and planned maintenance system (PMS).

With ShipManager Projects for dry-docking you can

  • Collect work items for drydock from different sources, such as the PMS or free-item lists
  • Create  templates for different ship types or drydocking tasks from scratch or prior dockings
  • Manage requests for quotations from yards and suppliers
  • Compare prices and select the best yard/supplier combination for the project
  • Re-use groups of work items or templates
  • Build an electronic knowledge library on dry-dock projects
  • Export specifications to send to shipyards or suppliers and import them again to compare quotations
  • Monitor project status/progress including budgets and time frame during entire drydock time
  • Develop a history of dry-dock projects for future re-use
  • Import and export Excel data from/to yards and suppliers

Modules included: Item Collection, Templates, Tenders, Project Plan.

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