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Cascade - Transformer Oil Analyst Interface (TOA)

Cascade - Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) software

TOA integration allows easy access to critical tranformer oil analysis data in Cascade

Tranformer Oil Analyst Interface

The Delta-X Research TOA software manages and interprets insulating oil dissolved-gas and physical test data. The Transformer Oil Analyst Interface (TOA) software module integrates TOA and Cascade to maximize transformer health and decrease the chance of costly asset failures.

Key benefits of the Transformer Oil Analyst Interface software

  • Allows Cascade to interface with each TOA diagnostic test and use the results to intelligently guide maintenance and planning managers to better decisions
  • Helps you extend transformer life and avoid system breakdowns
  • Allows Cascade to generate alerts and maintenance orders based on DGA results
  • A central database for TOA diagnostic data integrated with your other diagnostic and inspection data
  • Automates data transfer between your lab and the Cascade database
  • Allows you to design specific actions based on your prescribed outcomes and goals

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