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An entry level hazard analysis tool - Phast Lite

Phast Lite software for hazard risk analysis in the process industry

User-friendly and powerful hazard software tool

Phast Lite - a tailored version of Phast

Phast Lite is a user-friendly and powerful software tool with extensive modelling capabilities for hazard analysis, examining the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion. Phast Lite is a tailored version of Phast, designed to meet the needs of users who do not require the full functionality of Phast. Phast Lite uses the same discharge, dispersion and effects models as the full version of Phast, making it a powerful simulation software tool. At its core lies the extensively validated and verified UDM (Unified Dispersion Model) that enables rigorous  modelling of various release types (jet, heavy and passive gas).

What you get

  • A powerful entry level consequence analysis tool with broad range applicability
  • Access to the same extensively validated and verified models used in Phast
  • Worldwide technical support and training

Entry level software for hazard analysis

Use Phast Lite to assess hazardous outcomes resulting from loss of containment in a fast and intuitive way.

Key benefits of Phast Lite software

  • User friendly. Phast Lite's linked models provide you with a full analysis of the event and a wide range of flammable, explosive and toxic outcomes in an integrated calculation run
  • Flexible. Analyse consequences against weather conditions of your choice
  • Reporting. Generate footprint results of dispersion, thermal radiaton, toxic effects and explosion on a local map
  • Detailed documentation. An extensive range of support material significantly enhances your experience, including complete documentation of model theory and validation, an on-line electronic help system and dedicated support helpdesk

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