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Advanced CFD gas explosion simulations - Kameleon FireEx - KFX Exsim

Advanced CFD gas explosion simulations - Kameleon FireEx - KFX Exsim

For prediction of consequences of gas explosions in congested geometries, KFX features the well-known and extensively validated Exsim CFD gas explosion simulator, KFX Exsim.

Coherent 3D simulation technology

The Exsim software – a module of KFX™ – has been Shell's main simulation tool for explosion in complex geometries for the last 20 years. KFX Exsim is validated against a large number of explosion experiments at various scales, including large-scale tests and blind testing. It has been used for industrial analyses and explosion research since 1989, but has not been commercially available until now when it is offered as a part of KFX.

KFX Exsim technology is the preferred, user-friendly tool for finding cost-effective solutions to both fire and explosion safety problems.

For industrial analyses of fire and explosion risk, consistent modeling is important. As the only CFD tool in the market KFX Exsim includes fire and explosion modeling based on the same chemical reactor concept, EDC, ensuring consistent results and analyses.

With KFX Exsim, only one single tool is needed for advanced solutions to industrial problems related to dispersion of hazardous materials, fire and explosion safety.

Application areas of KFX Exsim

  • Offshore and onshore facilities
  • Optimization of layout to reduce explosion consequences
  • Quantification of blast wave load acting on safety critical objects such as temporary refuge, lifeboats and living quarters
  • Probabilistic explosion analyses
  • ALARP and cost-benefit analysis of mitigating measures
  • Accident investigations

3D simulation technology

With KFX Exsim you can perform fire and explosion modeling based on the same chemical reactor concept (EDC). It includes powerful CAD import and editing capabilities for efficient handling of complex geometry models.

KFX Exsim includes comprehensive post-processing capabilities, such as video presentations and various visualizations in the CAD geometry. It is adapted for batch processing of a large number of simulations, e.g. for explosion risk, and enables efficient predictions of explosive clouds.

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